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InSOPHE's role in offering continuing education:

InSOPHE has partnered with National Commission for Health Education Credentialing (NCHEC) to provide continuing education credits (CEs) for Certified Health Education Specialist/ Master Certified Health Education Specialist MCHES and CHES members.  We offer MCHES and CHES CE opportunities to our members for FREE and to non-members for the cost of the CE provided.  

The MCHES and CHES designation after a health educator's name is one indication of professional competency and commitment to continued professional development.   MCHES and CHES professionals have met academic eligibility, passed a written exam and has an ongoing commitment to continuing education and professional development.   InSOPHE is committed to promoting and encouraging all health professionals in contributing to the advancement of the health of all people and the advancement of the health education/promotion profession through research, service, leadership, education and distribution of materials.  

Are you looking for continuing education credit events?  Please visit the  Events page for potential CE opportunities
If you would like to earn Category II - Visit NCHECs website for the application  http://www.nchec.org/ or click here: Category II Claim Form.pdf

Your organizations partnership with InSOPHE: 

If your organization is looking to offer CEs for members and would like to partner with InSOPHE, please continuing below.  The process outlined below will allow your organization and InSOPHE to work through the details and the possibility of a partnership that will benefit our attendees.  

Does your event qualify to offer MCHES and CHES credits?

-- Your event must meet specific Area's of Responsibilities for participants to earn continuing education credits from NCHEC.  To view the Area's of Responsibilities click here.  This will outline the specific areas for MCHES and CHES. 

If your organization's event meets at least one Area of Responsibility and would like to partner with InSOPHE to offer continuing education credits: What are the next steps?

-- Your organization will need to complete the Application Form.  This will include contact information for our Continuing Education committee representative, an estimate of CE hours offered, event details,  and overall program objectives which will allow InSOPHE to evaluate which Area of Responsibility your event will cover.  

When does InSOPHE need the application?

-- InSOPHE would prefer to receive material at least 60 - 90 days prior to the event.  The more time that is provided will allow InSOPHE's committee to partner with your organization in planning a smooth process to offer CEs to participants.   

How many MCHES and CHES members to you expect to attend your event?

-- InSOPHE's Continuing Education committee will review your application material to determine if InSOPHE is able to partner with your organization in offering MCHES and CHES credits at your event.  Please include the estimated attendance number in your application, as it is important for InSOPHE to evaluate the cost of offering CEs.  Please allow InSOPHE 7 - 10 business days to review your application.  Once reviewed, you will be contacted by the InSOPHE Continuing Education representative to discuss the next steps in offering M/CHES at your event.  Approval of offering CHES credits is based on meeting qualification for M/CHES, CE cost and member's time commitment to processing credits for submission to NCHEC.   

Is there a fee to partnering with InSOPHE for offering CEs?

-- In some situations InSOPHE may request a small fee to assist in processing CE credits.  Please see the Fee Scale for details.  

Once InSOPHE has approved your organization what are the next steps: 

-- Once approved, InSOPHE's Continue Education representative will work with your planning committee to ensure goals, objectives and CE credentials are submitted within enough time to provide CEs at the event.  Please note that as part of our partnership with your organization, InSOPHE will provide their logo to include in your program marketing material.   

Would you like assistance in developing your event objectives?

-- Contact InSOPHE Continuing Education representative - president.elect@insophe.org

If you would like to partner with InSOPHE, but have additional questions and/or concerns please reach out to our Continuing Education representative, President - elect board member at president.elect@insophe.org.   

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